AFFECTLI is a human-centric technology model that was designed to revolutionise the way businesses operate - designed to support humans in order to make them more efficient in the workplace, and in turn, give them more time with family and loved ones.

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Affectli is an award winning platform that is an incredibly versatile, intelligent, powerful Business Operating System and Digital Transformation solution for ANY organisation.

Before Affectli, our multi-million dollar client was reacting to daily crisis management, as opposed to service delivery through a more effective, planned, proactive and controlled approach to their business.

The proverbial lightning in the corporate world is simple.  It’s data.  More specifically, it’s meaningful data that drives prediction. It’s what helps drive informed business decisions that ultimately reflect on the bottom line.

A completely contactless security protocol to verify delivery vehicles, drivers and credentials, as well as the ability to effectively monitor and track end-to-end fuel collections and deliveries.

The biggest challenges organisations face when managing remote locations is Accountability, Visibility & Security (both physical and digital).

Intrepreneurial is a real word.  It has been entrenched in my marketing management style since the beginning of my working career.  And then I was introduced to this amazing methodology called Agile.

Having the right tools to bring clarity and structure to any organisation will become essential for any organisation adopting remote working principles, which in turn, will increase productivity, efficiency and reduce stress, and the solution is a simple one:  Reports and Dashboards.

As a commercial software company, we must decide on a case-by-case basis which parts of our software we contribute to the OSS community, and which parts we keep in closed-source repositories. 

70% of digital transformations fail* as a result of “transformation exhaustion”.  In layman's terms, this is because multiple products and processes were not synchronized to allow for a cohesive, strategic and effective approach to the organisation’s needs or PPS.

The principle behind the Human Centric model is that you need to apply empathy to understand the problems people and communities face, then design a solution that serves them.

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