The Network Effect: An Effective Orchestration of Business Activities


glen Glen Scott
26 March 2020 - 
3 min read

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In order to create a beautiful, flawless piece of music, it requires a Conductor to lead an orchestra with precision and perfect timing.


Everyone reads from the same sheet of music, despite the fact that they have their respective roles to contribute towards the end result.


Some play a greater or lesser degree than others, but ultimately, they’re all working towards the same goal and it’s critical that the Conductor has the appropriate support system and tools to help inform decisions - all while keeping his finger on the pulse - every step of the way. One missed note, one missed chorus, and the end results are not what you set out to achieve.


The music stands that hold the orchestra’s sheet music is what The Network Effect is to business. It’s even been compared to the equivalent of the impact of steel works during the industrial revolution.


In business, whether you’re the CEO or a Supervisor, you are a Conductor of your own orchestra. Your job is to get everyone onto the same page, reading the same sheet of music, and performing their respective parts in order to achieve the end goal, and this is where the Network Effect comes in. Regardless of the size of your business or industry you’re positioned in, every company has a million moving parts. Whilst some are to a larger or lesser degree than others, the fact remains that every part of it is vital to the success (or failure) of your business.


The Network Effect is changing the landscape and paradigm of what we have become accustomed to and can best be described as this: When users sign up for a product or service, it increases its value and utility for current and future users. The more users, the greater the effect.


For a business to be Network Effective, it requires software that brings your IoT, Big Data Analytics, Process Automation, AI & Contextual Collaboration, Process engine, Full Analytics & Reporting and Unified, contextual communications onto the same platform, giving you a single holistic view of your operations.


AFFECTLI is a platform that seamlessly orchestrates all of these activities of any business model onto the same platform, increasing productivity, accountability and delivers real-time analytics, with the added benefit that it can be integrated into existing platforms for a more scalable, cost-effective and seamless transition - all while owning your own data.


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