Affectli: The Winner – eBusiness Awards 2017


Anya Buckly
29 March 2017 - 3 min read


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Affectli The Winner


Mi-C3 is pleased to announce it has been awarded the 2017 Malta Communications eBusiness Award for Best B2B application for our flagship Affectli product.

The announcement was made at the award ceremony hosted by the Malta Communications Authority yesterday after a tough selection process where Affectli was evaluated with other submissions of some excellent B2B products produced by Malta’s world renowned community of technology companies.

Affectli has been recognised as an exemplary model of technology as an enabler of business improvement empowering organisations to transform their operations by harnessing all their resources in a successful collaborative environment.

The reward was accepted by Mi-C3’s senior team led by Founder & CEO Glen Scott who thanked the Malta Communications Authority and the selection team for recognising the value Affectli gives to businesses. Glen Scott also congratulated all competitors who submitted world-class products that continue to confirm the great skills, resources and knowledge clustered in Malta’s tech community.

Glen Scott also thanked the Mi-C3 team who together are realising an exciting vision and a successful product that is rightly gaining recognition as an exemplary product in the global ICT sector.