Combining Science & Technology to Create a Safe City


glen Glen Scott
26 March 2020 - 
3 min read

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According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, our safety needs dominate our behavior. These needs have to do with our natural desire for a predictable, orderly world that is somewhat within our control. It can also be said that, just as a solid foundation can support a building that can withstand the elements, so too can a sense of security support people, and in turn, influence their behaviour and morality.


The downside of an environment where people and communities don’t feel safe, is one of fear. Fear leads to crime, lack of investor confidence, and it opens up Pandora's box to a whole set of underlying issues that adversely affect everyone within that environment. With unrest and upheaval, comes opportunistic behaviour that results in reactive behaviour - as opposed to a proactive approach to solving a problem. Resources are stretched past capacity, resulting in ineffective problem solving, thereby perpetuating the cycle et nauseum. The dog chasing its tail, if you will…


The simple solution is to combine technology with science to create a Safe City.


With the advances in technology now available to us, not only are we able to create safe cities, but we can make them smart too…


The Safe City concept was developed to help Government Stakeholders, City Mayors and Police Departments mitigate challenges of improving living standards, health, financial prosperity, managing the city’s infrastructure, resources, security procedures and emergency response systems because Safe Cities have shown to improve Safety, Social and Economic drivers. The Economic benefits promote Business and Commercial opportunities, which in turn, drives down unemployment; increases Tourism and reduces the impact of crime & terrorism.


In a White Paper published by IHS Markit that looked at Case Studies for Singapore, London, Dubai & Nairobi, statistics show that a Safe City can drive a 25% increase in Safety Result scores, 35-40% Social Benefit scores, an increased Citizen Happiness score of 47% (Singapore), and Government & Police Appreciation scores of over 50%.


The cornerstone of a Safe City requires an integrated system that provides for Big Data Analytics & Process Automation combining science and technology through AI & Contextual Collaboration to monitor and predict behaviour while collecting data from IoT endpoints, an effect communication stream for real response time and a secure Cloud platform to allow for seamless, dynamic information sharing across a network.


For a Safe City or Organization, AFFECTLI is an eco-system that seamlessly orchestrates all of these activities of any business model onto the same platform, increasing productivity, accountability and delivers immediate reporting - with the added benefit that it can be integrated into existing platforms for a more scalable, cost-effective and seamless transition.


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