Engineering a Successful Digital Transformation Solution


glen Glen Scott
23 April 2020 - 
3 min read

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Human Centric


For the past 15 years, we have been working steadily to solve the very complex problems Digital Transformation presents to organisations. Like most of us experience, just as we thought we had it figured out, the evolving complexity and challenges continuously presented themselves, and now what is clear is we need the right agile building blocks to tackle this problem.

We have identified these 5 key elements that need to be addressed when implementing a Digital Transformation strategy:


  • Semantic relationship between People, Processes & Systems (PPS)
  • The Optimal Performance Zone Issue (OPZ)
  • Business Model complexity
  • Quantum & Sensitivity of Data
  • Human Centricity

Historically, these elements have been segregated elements within an organisation - and in most cases, resulted in duplications, multiple reporting systems, and the inability to manage all these aspects within a single view of an operation. The result of which, in 2019, it was reported that 70% of digital transformations fail* as a result of “transformation exhaustion”. In layman's terms, this is because multiple products and processes were not synchronized to allow for a cohesive, strategic and effective approach to the organisation’s needs or PPS. It’s critical that we increase the relationship between PPS to, in turn, increase the OPZ of an organisation. It’s also of paramount importance that organisations own their data.


There are a plethora of tools available to monitor, track, manage, analyse and report various aspects of an organisation, but we saw a need to consolidate key building blocks into one user-friendly, adaptable, scalable bundle that is not only cost-effective, convenient, easy to manage and easily scalable, it’s key focus was to save time and money while making organisations more effective.


The cornerstone of an effective Digital Transformation requires an integrated system like AFFECTLI that provides for Big Data Analytics & Robotic Process Automation combining science and technology through AI & Contextual Collaboration to monitor and predict behaviour while collecting data from IoT endpoints, feeding real response time on your own secure Cloud platform to allow for seamless, dynamic information sharing enabling strategic collaboration across all areas of the organisation ecosystem.


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