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6 1DESIGNER - Process App platform (All Functional Activities)
Build your own apps using the Affectli Designer which also lets the user design their own processes and forms.




Affectli provides the tools on the Platform to develop and change processes and procedures empowering businesses to implement organisational change without the need to factor time conventionally taken up by development, testing and acceptance.

The Client autonomously (or through our implementation partner) captures using the intuitive tool-kit of the Designer to flow any processes it requires to control, and where possible, automate the operational structure of the organisation. A full suite of processes is drawn up at implementation stage, which would include the Client’s choice of prioritised processes which we understand will include an integrated network management process, a service quality management process and a customer experience management process. These and all other processes can be modified, improved, suspended or simplified by the Client autonomously at any time while the Platform is in use.




Defining and agreeing Standard Operating Procedures and current process flows across all Operational areas of business with initial specific focus on the following:


Built on a BPMN2.0 compliant engine that lets the user create his custom business processes, to which they can add functionality and re-use for their day-to-day processes. Affectli also allows Business Process Re-Engineering with Version Control which makes the platform fully adaptable and flexible for change in processes.




Process design also includes form design which draws up (also using the intuitive tool-kit of the Designer) the interface and environment for the process to capture or provide information to or from any user within the organisation or around it, including suppliers, customers, regulators or any other person, thing or organisation, the Client wishes to include in its process.

Processes are drawn up or changed using an intuitive, visual tool and changes made by the Client themselves on the back-end of the Platform will be reflected immediately on the operational floor






A process or a set of processes, including relevant tasks and instructions are put together in an App. An App could have a generic use, say for example, ‘Vacation Leave Booking Process’. Such an App could be drawn up by the Client themselves or obtained from the Affectli App Marketplace to be used as is or perhaps to be adjusted and customised by the Client themselves to suit their own specific needs.

The Client is equipped with an API (Application Programming Interface) and an SDK (Software Development Kit) in order to self-start and complete processes without needing to resort to development time and cost.

The Client will have access to the Marketplace allowing them to upload their own Apps to share, at a charge if they so wish, with other members of the Affectli user community. They will also be able to acquire Apps that are relevant to their business.

Affectli itself also uploads proprietary Apps that are supplementary to the rights granted by the Affectli Enterprise License.