Integrated Systems

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Affectli leverages its extensive API’s and IoT data ingestion capabilities to integrate existing applications, platforms and data sources resulting in a single view of one’s environment. Its Business Process Engine enables the Orchestration of activities across the entire business.


Situational Awareness allows for an intuitive reaction to emerging issues that can be easily detected from their mapped representation.
This ease of reference empowers decision-makers with the information they need to make relevant and timely decisions.


The Affectli Platform creates a unified and seamless environment for the disparate elements of an organisation to collaborate effectively while providing real-time tools of command and control to the management of the organisation.


Responsive Design: Affectli is built with a responsive design in mind.  This means that it can be used on all different screens and platforms, using smartphones, tablets, desktop computers and collective, large operation centre monitors.


Smart Workspaces2




  • Multi-Tenancy
  • One platform
  • Reusable & standardised business processes
  • Low globalisation rollout costs
  • Centralised control
  • Live, shared, best practise processing
  • Minimal localisation aspect
  • Low scaling




Affectli has managed to differentiate itself in the marketplace by combining key

IoT and Smart Workplace technologies into a unified, massively scalable 

platform that is capable of transforming businesses and

disrupting entire industries.




Affectli’s architecture allows for extensibility and customisation.  Once you see the benefits of the apps that you build (digitising of computerised processes) you will see the benefits in the visibility of your business.  This is not a rip and replace solution, but rather an enhancement of your current systems and devices. Affectli is the missing piece in the digital puzzle, that brings all disparate silos of information under one platform.  The device agnostic and system friendly software that is Affectli, is making organisations like yours, effective.




State of the art, open technology stack available for effortless horizontal and vertical scaling.