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Affectli is a product of Mi-C3 -  a manufacturer of products to solve the inefficiency problems in all oganisations and lives.  How do we do this? When the APP revolution happened to Apple/Andriod, it did not happen to businesses or individuals.  It happened to everybody. The product combines edge technology, AI and other methods to automate business processes capturing people’s IP into the organisation and giving people back their valuable time to spend more productively on the things they love.  This market leading operational effeciency solution has been delivered to companies across all markets and sectors.


Affectli incorporates a unique combination of IoT, big data, process automation, AI and contextual collaboration to digitaise and automate tasks & processes, making businesses more effective and providing a live overall view of operations creating a Smart Workplace.  A smart workplace is the use of technology to connect and engage employees with their work environment. It is enabled through a connection of networked platforms, software, IoT technologies, and sensors. A smart workplace serves as a central piece in today's workplace strategy.


Mi-C3’s mission is to assist you - our clients - to build and develop sustainable, profitable businesses, by ridding the world of unnecessary email, and making you effective.”  Glen Scott - CEO & Founder - Mi-C3 International Limited