Affectli adopts behavioural business practices to combine processes, tasks and intelligence through IoT.


As more businesses struggle with global markets, competition from “low cost” countries, and faltering home economies, the attention of many producers/manufacturers/service providers has naturally turned to cost and waste reduction. Legacy businesses are also threatened by newbys, disrupting the blue chip models significantly, by undercutting these players, with game-changing pricing.  Yet, while major quality and productivity benefits are being generated in many companies through the adoption of “lean” and Six Sigma practices, even when successful these can only be a part of the solution.


Our platform provides real-time information from systems, devices and data and allows all these disparate elements of your business to work together in one operating system, creating meaningful intelligence to support your business decisions. The software is shipped with all its components, giving you the tools to digitally transform your business into a profitable, well-oiled machine.


Affectli has been tried and tested by blue chip companies across diverse sectors.  In every case, Affectli has consistently proven its ability to handle massive scale, ingesting data from 10’s of thousands of sites across multiple geographies, aggregating the data both regionally and centrally.