About Affectli

Affectli is a trusted, versatile and intelligent Semantic Ontology Platform

Our Philosophy

In business, we are all familiar with the People, Processes & Systems philosophy.  We’ve taken that one step further to mitigate room for human error and digitise your business for optimal results!

Our overarching purpose is to provide our Clients with a sustainable, competitive advantage by addressing the People, Processes & Systems problem, and systematically bringing them closer together to create The Affectli Optimal Performance Zone (OPZ).

About Affectli

Affectli is an award-winning software solution and flagship product of Mi-C3 International that has been proven at scale within some of the largest companies across the Globe. 

Our technology is a powerful single-stack software platform and Business Operating System that delivers meaningful Business Intelligence to drive timely, informed decision-making.

We achieve this through our ability to integrate existing systems, datasets and unlimited IoT devices to deliver a single pane of glass with consolidated, real-time information that drives improved efficiencies and increased profitability across the organisation.

Affectli is not a rip & replace solution. It is hardware and system-agnostic that supports all known digital protocols and standards.

Our Ontology platform has the ability to integrate your existing systems, data sets, processes and IoT devices to create a single pane of glass with real-time information.

Whilst we offer Out The Box solutions that are Industry-specific, our Modular Functionality and Multi-Tenancy solution provides the ability to tailor a solution to meet your organisation’s exacting requirements, whilst ensuring data sovereignty and compliance at the heart of everything we do.

Affectli highlights & functionality

  • Extensive Integration capabilities – This is not a rip & replace solution! Affectli is hardware and system agnostic that supports all known digital protocols and standards, allowing you to sweat existing assets and consolidate any number of new & existing systems, devices and datasets.

  • Multi-tenancy functionality with Market-based separation capabilities to ensure data sovereignty, whilst delivering the right information to the right people at the right time. 

  • Semantic Ontology that connects every data point, and allows for real-time data to be pivoted & visualised with the simple click of a button.

  • Big Data capabilities for processing unlimited data points.

  • Data Structuring through our powerful Mi-Stream engine that feeds into a real-time Events Monitor.

  • AI / M2M for machine learning and predictive analytics.

  • Business Process Management tools that digitise Workflows & Business Processes to ensure standardisation and compliance across the organisation.

  • Maps that provide real-time Situational Awareness and allow you to pivot any data point.

  • Digital Twins with real-time data and layers of information that are drill-able into granular detail. 

  • Communication tools for end-to-end encrypted contextual collaboration, including Instant Messaging; Contextual Communication within Tasks & Entities; as well as Broadcast notifications.

  • Document Storage solution for a number of supported files that is linked directly to any Entity, Ticket, Task and more.

  • Insights tools for Graphing, Mapping, Reporting, Super Analytics & CEO Dashboards and more..

Our technology is

  • Single stack
  • Scalable
  • Agile
  • Device Agnostic
  • Browser Independent
  • Market Vertical Agnostic
  • Not a rip & replace solution
  • Systems & device agnostic
  • Proven at scale
  • Real-Time Granular Data
  • Joins up Existing Systems & Processes
  • Platform & device agnostic
  • Proven at scale
  • Modular functionality: 100% Configurable solution
  • Data: Client Ownership, Secure, Big Data Management
  • Feature Rich
  • Multi-tenancy solution
  • Effortlessly scales with Client growth & expansion
  • Applicable to any Industry

Cutting-edge technology for Mission Critical Environments

Affectli is Award-winning, trusted software solution that takes Data Security seriously!

Malta Communication Authority Business Awards 2008: Best B2B Application

SOC 2®, Type 2 Examination & Report Obtained

World Summit Awards (2018) Business & Commerce Category: Best B2B Application

ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management System

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems

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