Affectli is a trusted multi-tenancy solution for ANY organisation looking to improve risk management, increase innovation and make meaningful data-driven decisions.

The Affectli Solution

An incredibly powerful, versatile, intelligent, and trusted business operating system toolbox like Affectli allows you to control everything within an organisation by owning your data and orchestrating everything within it. Any organisation seeking to improve risk management, increase innovation, and make meaningful data-driven decisions can benefit from this digital transformation solution.

This solution has been successfully tested across a wide range of geographical areas, as well as within several complex industries and challenging operational environments. Affectli is not a replacement solution. In addition to being system and device-agnostic, it includes a unique combination of fully integrated features that enable businesses to orchestrate and harness the power of their data to create efficiency that results in rapid returns.

Asset management & monitoring

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AI and machine learning functionality allows powerful algorithms to analyse large data sets and predict outcomes against defined goals in real-time. Track, monitor, and manage your IoT devices, systems, assets, and people in real time by integrating and connecting them into Affectli.

Providing meaningful, audited data to the right people at the right time enables informed decision-making that improves efficiencies, reduces compliance risk, increases customer value, reduces losses, increases employee safety, prevents theft, prevents predictive maintenance, complies with regulatory requirements, and reduces costs.

Improve production scheduling in manufacturing

Utilize intelligent production machinery to produce meaningful analytics to optimize production planning. Affectli’s agile working environment enables informed decision-making by integrating existing systems and smart product machinery, delivering meaningful insight and intelligence to the right people at the right time.

By identifying inefficiencies in floor layouts, changing machinery and tools, and implementing, managing, and tracking production in real-time, organizations are equipped with the capabilities to minimize unnecessary communication and optimize production, equipment, and tools while maintaining a connected workforce.


Visualize operational assets in live & real-time

By integrating digital twins with live data, organizations can gain a real-time view of their assets at the click of a button. Gartner predicts that digital twins can increase productivity by 10 percent.

With Affectli’s powerful mi-stream engine, businesses can manage assets remotely with the click of a button and receive real-time data that will help them improve efficiency and productivity, minimize downtime with predictive maintenance, improve processes and determine where they can be improved.

Workforce management & monitoring

Smart workspaces create collaborative, agile work environments that increase accountability, increase flexibility, reduce operational costs, increase revenue, enhance communication and innovation, and improve employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction as well as provide a fully auditable trail for both employees and customers.

The Affectli platform is device-agnostic, allowing employees to have greater flexibility in their work environment and schedules. As a result, employees have a better work-life balance, which leads to a stronger employee engagement experience, increasing talent recruitment and staff retention.

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Product & output productivity


Optimize production efficiency by converting labour/product/equipment output productivity measurements. By connecting all the IoT devices into Affectli and integrating existing systems, organizations can optimize efficiencies and orchestrate complex processes and information.

Using our powerful mi-stream processor, we process this information into meaningful intelligence and real-time monitoring, which includes labour-to-product-output productivity, equipment-to-product-output productivity, geological conditions, operating times and delays, and equipment purchases and consumable purchases.


Data Visualisation

By using static, dynamic, and interactive visual items to represent large amounts of complex quantitative and qualitative data and information, data and information visualisation is the process of designing and creating easy-to-communicate and easy-to-understand graphics and visual representations.


As well as providing an excellent visual representation of complex data, graphs provide an understanding of what is going on in the data by highlighting relationships between variables or sets of data.


By connecting the dots of hundreds or thousands of insights you see a bigger picture and context emerge that you might miss if you inspect individual insights.

Digital Twins

Using our individually designed digital twins you can easily check on your organisation to help you monitor, simulate real situations and their outcomes allowing informed decision making to be at the forefront of your company


The Affectli dashboards allow you to quickly and easily see any tasks assigned to you, a team you are in, completed tickets, and run any apps that you require. This lets you see as errors come in and see the status of tickets at a glance.


By analysing data, we can see insights and meaningful data that we might otherwise miss. Analytics is the process of discovering, interpreting, and communicating data patterns.

Grid monitoring & Energy management


Enhance the quality of your energy products by controlling flow, predicting outages, and improving service.

With Affectli Analytics and meaningful real-time data, organizations can identify abnormalities & recurring patterns, analyze energy consumption, and meet service delivery requirements to achieve efficiencies. By analyzing data, organizations can identify abnormalities and recurring patterns and make data-driven decisions that reduce operating costs and energy consumption, as well as downtime.

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