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Real-Time Reports & Dashboards: Essential to any Organisation

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In a COVID-19 world, many companies have had to adjust to personnel working from home.  Two months into this new life and online meetings have become part of our daily routine – sometimes with amusing results (who hasn’t seen those videos?). 

Juggling working from home, sharing a workspace with our loved ones and reduced social interaction has taken its toll on both people and businesses. HR departments are finding creative ways to maintain and boost staff morale, but when everything is said and done, it all boils down to operational efficiency, and monitoring both productivity and workflow. 

With remote working being the new “normal”, many businesses will have seen the huge benefits this brings.  An increase in remote/”flexi-working” is anticipated post COVID-19 and a vast majority of oganisations will choose to retain elements of this.  And while travel will remain restricted for the foreseeable future, your business doesn’t have to stagnate. 

Having the right tools to bring clarity and structure to any organisation will become essential for any company adopting remote working principles, which in turn, will increase productivity, efficiency and reduce stress, an important part of the solution is a simple one:  Live Reports and Dashboards.

Reports are an essential tool to any organisation, allowing you to drill down into your business, providing detailed analysis to where you need it most. But Live Reports and Dashboards are essential to empower you to monitor, track and display – and with the implementation of an effective, agile Digital Transformation strategy, this should be available to you in real-time. 

Affectli brings you the ability to visualise all your data and combine it into a variety of Live Reports and Dashboards, customised to your business needs. From Big Data to Task Management, the ability to manage your business remotely has never been more important or more effective. The platform enables multi-dimensional data manipulation, analysis and performance management with real-time analysis and insights that help you streamline your workflows, allocate resources effectively and make data-driven decisions.

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