AFFECTLI is a human-centric technology model that was designed to revolutionise the way businesses operate - designed to support humans in order to make them more efficient in the workplace, and in turn, give them more time with family and loved ones.

The AFFECTLI OPZ – Insights to drive sustainable excellence

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“The ability of an organisation to “stay in the game” can only be achieved through the demonstrated ability of its key people and consistency of performance.” 

– Dr Robert C. Maybery

We have spent the past 15 years building and proving a resilient, easily integrated Human Centric technology ecosystem called AFFECTLI.  Our mission at the core of the design and engineering of what we do is to help organisations increase their efficiencies, and on that note, would like to introduce you to The AFFECTLI OPZ philosophy. 

The AFFECTLI Optimal Performance Zone (A-OPZ) is made possible through the ability to streamline organisations and increase the relationship between People, Processes and Systems (PPS) , making organisations more resilient and effective on all levels.

Contrary to popular belief, digitisation; IoT or the 4th Industrial Revolution is not a technology issue, but an Optimal Performance Zone (OPZ) issue… As technology progresses, we need to increase the relationship between our People, our Processes and our Systems in order to increase the Optimal Performance Zone of an organisation.

One of my dear friends and mentor, Dr Robert C. Maybery, has pioneered and mastered Peak Performance Management.  He is known for being very outspoken about the demands that Boards place on their Directors to deliver, noting that nothing is going to change if leaders succumb to short term Q1, 2, 3 and 4 pressures, but rather focus on long-term strategic vision and long term sustainable growth.  It is this insight (among many others) that has resulted in his success as a sought-after advisor to many of the largest companies in Europe, and to some of the top F500 companies in the USA (and beyond).  

Over the years, we have shared insights on how we can apply his program from a People perspective, and translate it into a digital solution that delivers the best ROI for our customers and organisations adopting digitisation through our AFFECTLI platform.

On the back of the Global Crisis of 2012, he was quoted as saying “There is no short term fix” and the same is true today amidst the global crisis we are currently faced with as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Organisations and their people have been pushed to their limits as the financial implications and mental health & wellbeing of people take a toll, unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.  

“Today, more than ever, forward-thinking organisations must augment and invigorate a cultural transformation to extol operational excellence; far and beyond the generic focus of size and scale, diverse cash flows, fixed cost reduction, ring fencing core resources, expertise and customer loyalty initiatives.”

– Dr Robert C. Maybery

The pandemic has shed a spotlight on the resilience & agility (or lack thereof) within a number of organisations varying in industry and size.  Businesses that have been able to sustain themselves over the extended lockdown periods have been forced to trim the fat, revert to zero-based budgets and rebuild from the bottom up, and some companies have had to reinvent themselves in order to remain relevant and sustainable. But it goes beyond that…

If organisations are going to rise from the ashes of this pandemic, and grow into sustainable, profitable businesses, they will be forced to work more efficiently and effectively.  There is no question that PPS will need to be orchestrated in perfect unison in order to achieve their OPZ, and the only way to do that, is to adopt the right technology that simultaneously brings these 3 things together in a way that creates a transparent, informed and engaged, accountable workforce. 

“Meritocratic organisations commit to and vigorously drive to imbed a no-nonsense performance orientated culture, epitomised by intentionality and highly effective decision making. This culture eschews mediocrity and resistance to change.

The many benefits include, but are not limited to, increased revenues, margin and earnings before tax, satisfied customers, authentically engaged people and significant gains in the speed to market and execution prowess.”

– Dr Robert C. Maybery

Quick wins can be achieved with the right solutions – insights drive excellence.  However, even with the best people and systems in place, it will not solve the problem because digital maturity cannot be achieved overnight. A successful strategy is a steady hand on the rudder, – not a sprint chopping and changing solutions – and it requires the sustained application of PPS logic within the business to achieve best in class, increase relationships and reduce complexities – the core ethos that is at the very heart of our engineering, and the philosophy that unites the interconnected elements and logic to deliver the AFFECTLI OPZ for sustainable growth and longevity and to delight our customers.

Also important to note, is that Hyper Contextual Collaboration is another major part of The AFFECTLI OPZ model – which I cover in another Blog that will be published soon.

Simply put, AFFECTLI is a manager of managers toolkit that improves efficiencies by automating business processes through the implementation of a Hyper Collaborative Business Operating System.  It is easily integrated into existing systems, or whatever technologies companies have already deployed, and delivers a trackable and auditable solution that will digitise and streamline ANY business, providing a single real-time overview of the entire organisation to drive informed decision making.  In doing so, maximum efficiencies are achieved through attaining and (over time,) improving the OPZ, reducing operating costs significantly, and setting organisations on the path to long term sustainable growth. 

If you are looking for meaningful intelligence to drive and improve your A-OPZ (The Affectli Optimal Performance Zone), feel free to reach out to us to request a demo or discuss your needs for a tailored A-OPZ solution by emailing  get in touch.

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