AFFECTLI is not a rip & replace solution. It is an agile and scalable technology that is system and device agnostic.

Collaborative Communication

AFFECTLI facilitates Collaborative Communication through the A-BOX feature. Users can create, receive and follow tasks; create automated business processes; and benefit from the chat feature that allows for contextual communication relevant to each task.

Task Management

The AFFECTLI toolbox includes various Dashboards that are available through the A-BOX feature. The dashboards facilitate Task Management by helping users to keep track of their daily task, including activities that are open, completed, owned by a user, or track activities that a user is a team member of.

Integration and Data Management

AFFECTLI has the ability to process and store a multitude of data feeds from any number of sources through its cutting edge Mi-STREAM processing engine that delivers real-time data feeds from thousands of data sources. Through integrating data, it provides organisations with meaningful intelligence that supports informed decision making.


The AFFECTLI Designer is a tool that enables organisations to digitise their workflow and Business Processes through the user-friendly Low Code, No Code, Drag and drop app designer tool. In addition, we provide a platform where users can source and connect with a variety of solutions from apps to devices to AFFECTLI experts.

Semantic Relationship

An organisation’s ability to monitor and apply definitive permissions and controls, as well as manage multi-tenancy solutions is made possible through AFFECTLI’s incomparable semantic ontological approach to managing Entities - including People, Organisations and Things.

Digital Twins

As a standard feature of Affectli, we collaborate with our Customers to create Digital Twins of their organisation by applying semantic ontologies for an effective overview of the environment that is drillable down into granular detail, thereby providing critical information from systems, devices and data in real-time.


AFFECTLI includes a fully auditable Broadcast functionality that enables organisation the ability to send instant or scheduled announcements to all users, individual users or pre-determined groups across the platform.

Super Analytics & Reporting

The AFFECTLI Intelligence tool provides organisations with comprehensive reporting functionality to provide meaningful reports and graphs using real-time data and support organisations with meaningful Business Intelligence that provide for informed decision making and accurate reporting.

Situational Awareness

The AFFECTLI toolbox includes a Maps feature that provides Situational Awareness for organisations through the ability to visualise locations, people, infrastructure and assets with GIS and geo-reporting tools in real-time.

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