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About the Company

One of the world’s Largest Gold Mining companies began commercial production in 2006 in a remote region of Africa with sites operating surface and underground mines.

The operation of such a significant mining asset in remote regions of Africa requires a constant understanding of the state of operations and secure monitoring of the picture on the ground. The control rooms can drill down from maps into blueprints, technical drawings and multiple live CCTV feeds that are folded into the GIS infrastructure of the system using the platform.

By consolidating all asset management into a single control room, the client has reduced costs, mitigated theft, and maximised efficiencies by ensuring coherent, timely and informed decision-making.

Mining Industry Challenges

Manual Systems & Disparate Data

Multiple systems & disparate sets of data which rely on time consuming, error prone manual consolidation.

Stringent SLA requirements & KPI Measurements

Complexities of operational environments that require effective monitoring of:  

  • ESG & decarbonisation
  • Access to capital
  • Political instability
  • Regulatory Compliance
Operational Challenges

Reactive maintenance & repairs.

Financial losses due to difficulty managing, tracking & monitoring assets in remote locations.

Reliant on multiple resources & accurate reporting to monitor:

  • Low productivity
  • Labour shortages
  • Geopolitical risks
  • Site Access Management & Security 
  • Power Supply Management
  • Remote Site Automation
  • Site Build & Maintenance Planning & Optimisation
People Inefficiencies

Complexities of the operational environment require multitudes of extra people, leading to reduced efficiencies and increased overheads.

Complexities with Vendor & Third Party Management

Challenges mitigating risk & contract management of tenants, vendors and third parties.

The Affectli Solution

Umbrella Management System
  • Integration of all systems within the Mining Co into one Operating System. 
  • Monitoring of endpoints (i.e. access control, generators, battery packs, power supply, passive hardware, video streaming, maintenance team, vehicles in the field etc)  on all sites globally delivering real-time data through a “single pane of glass” to any part of the organisation. 
  • Strong permissions and multi-tenancy functionality ensures that the right people get the right information at the right time.
Ability to meet stringent SLA criteria
  • Real-time data immediately detects and alerts to problems.
  • Workflow automation enables improved execution, resulting in improved Regulatory Compliance.
Operational efficiencies
  • Digitised processes, GIS tracking and automated workflow processes for optimised Operations and Maintenance Planning, Managing Sites, Access & Security. 
  • Accurate real-time reporting on Production Load  Monitoring and Power Supply Management.
  • Ability to make immediate & informed decisions using meticulous data.
  • Instant visibility of all facets of the organisation.
People efficiencies

Improved efficiencies & accountability resulting in reduced resources, reduced overheads and increased profitability.

Multi-tenancy solution

Manage multiple tenants, control access to information and ensure comprehensive, auditable action trail for Risk & Contract Management.

The Affectli Orchestration

Without any downtime, Affectli was incorporated into the existing infrastructure and consolidated into a single control room.


A number of subsystems were integrated, such as conveyor belt weightometers, plant SCADA, drone technology, weighbridges, and geo-fencing systems, in conjunction with CCTV live feeds and vehicle tracking devices, to create the seamless integration. Using its powerful Mi-Stream processor, all the data gathered from the multiple points is then ingested into one single dashboard in real-time, transforming it into meaningful, contextual data that can be seen on the dashboard as it is updated across the system.


Affectli’s GIS infrastructure integrates multiple CCTV feeds, allowing the control room to view assets remotely and locate them on a map.  


The ontology allows these assets to be drilled into granular details, such as blueprints and technical drawings, easily accessible as a result of a simple button click. 

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