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Affectli for telecommunications


One of the largest independent owners, operators and developers of shared telecommunications infrastructure in the world have sites in remote areas that are responsible for servicing a vast growing emerging market. They are committed to operating environmentally sustainable and reliable towers while meeting the increasing demand from their subscribers for data services and wireless telecommunications infrastructure.

The Challenge

In emerging markets where there are far fewer fixed lines, less broadband penetration and unreliable power supply, network downtime can have far reaching implications.  Our Client was faced with challenges meeting their stringent SLA criteria due to flawed computerised systems that were overloading their servers, resulting in inaccurate reporting and difficulty managing, tracking & monitoring their equipment situated in remote locations.  In addition to which, they faced efficiency challenges managing tenant, vendor and third-party supplier access to various sites.

The Solution

Provide the client with the ability to:


We started by connecting multiple systems and devices to AFFECTLI. We then captured our client’s intellectual property of the organisation using iBPMN compliant workflow with the Affectli Designer© and digitised their processes and workflows.

Customised app solutions that have the ability to be duplicated and re-engineered according to client-centric needs included:


This included a Refueling app for Fuel Monitoring.

NOC operators receive an automated task as soon as the fuel tanks reach 35%.  

Detailed information is included, namely the location, tank ID, tank capacity, and request for a refuelling order.

Additional controls can be implemented such as time stamped pictures taken on site, but aligned to the client’s criteria, the task is not considered completed until a three-way matching process is completed, namely:

  1. The GPS location matches the site to be refuelled.
  2. The gauge on the tank registers as full.
  3. The operator sends confirmation that the order has been filled.

The client has the ability to duplicate this process to include the ability to monitor anomalies, breaches or monitoring systems such as open/closed doors, overheating of batteries, etc.


This included a Service Desk app. 

Requests to access a particular site are made online within the AFFECTLI platform.  This allows the customer to identify themselves, select which entity within the organisation they represent, which site needs to be accessed and can specify the type of visit – whether it be maintenance, repairs, or otherwise. 

  1. This request is then verified against a database that was designed for the Client.  Once submitted, 
  2. The customer receives a confirmation notification in real-time, either through an email or sms, or through AFFECTLI’s A-Live communication platform.

The client has the ability to limit their customer’s access to the site to control the frequency of visits if this forms part of their KPI requirements. In addition to which, they are able to draw reports for their customers to show specific data pertaining to each asset, extract a report on the severity of problems, as well as indicate things such as tasks completed by technicians – including an indication of criteria such as the time it took to complete the task(s).

A similar application is duplicated to accommodate site visits, such as access to the DataCentre in order to effectively manage their POE.  The result is their ability to prevent cross heat transfer between hot and cold channels, thereby saving energy, cutting energy costs and eliminating unnecessary maintenance on air conditioning equipment.


This included Incident Management apps for Network Surveillance that included:

  1. Network Incident Management  
  2. Problem Management 
  3. Incident Management 

It’s imperative to our client that tower communications are up and that sites are fully functional because their MTTR  and service delivery is benchmarked and managed against a stringent SLA.

Processes were digitised. As the system gathers information over a period of time, the intelligence that is built, enables the client to predictively assist with maintenance and pre-emptive issues that may arise.  It also allows the client to predict macro environment occurrences such as weather and geolocation through the Maps Interface, to plan for potential issues at the sites due to incidents such as inclement weather or political instability.  

Apps have been built to digitise various report for the client, including Sunburst style reports showing the NOC which sites are down, the severity of the issue, and allows the interaction of the various parties involved to getting the site back up, and to contribute to the issues that have been raised automatically through the system.


This included Asset Management apps in order to efficiently manage assets belonging to Client A, as well as the assets belonging to tenants, vendors and customers and included:

  1. Asset Capture 
  2. Asset Movement
  3. Asset Maintenance 
  4. Asset Repair.

These apps resulting in significant savings on overhead costs through digitising their asset tracking, streamlining processes, and their ability to maintain accurate audit trails through the ability to:

  • Capturing and ensuring the efficiency of all assets; 
  • Ensuring regular maintenance is carried out, and that repairs are actioned when assets break; and
  • Ensuring that when assets are moved, that they are tracked and located in realtime.

More information on AFFECTLI’s features and capabilities, available here.