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10ANALYTICS - Comprehensive Reporting
Create meaningful reports and graphs to analyse your production, your data and your operations in live and near realtime



Affectli Intelligence hooks up to BI platforms of the Client’s choice that empowers the Client to access, discover and blend all types and sizes of data. With a spectrum of increasingly advanced analytics, from basic reports to predictive modeling, users can analyse and visualise data across multiple dimensions, all while minimising dependence on IT.

Business Intelligence is embedded in Affectli to supply timely information to users to make operational decisions based on real-time analysis of structured and unstructured data.

Real-time Analysis gives users insights exactly when and where they need them. No data warehouse is required. The analysis aggregates data captured by the proprietary streaming engine Mi-Stream, provided with the Affectli platform, and allows for correlation of data sourced from different protocols.




Capacity is the capability of an object that is reliant on consistent prediction of actual results. Advanced analytics enables business leaders to not only measure and understand capacity, but provides meaningful intelligence on how to capitalise on capacity and in turn, reduce costs and increase profitability. AI increases business efficiency over time.




Affectli Intelligence creates an ecosystem that can integrate with any third party BI platform that the Client may already be using or may introduce during the lifetime of an Affectli License. The platform enables multi-dimensional data manipulation, analysis and performance management.


Affectli’s Analytics empowers the Client to digest and manipulate Big Data; access, manage and blend any data from any source, seamlessly embed a full suite of custom analytics, and turn data into insights to empower management to make better decisions on the back of comprehensive intelligence and trend analyses and forecasting. Applications of this technology can evolve during the lifetime of the service as the client is empowered to develop analysis autonomously (or with the help of our implementation partner).


Data is also aggregated for presentation in a centralised command centre or network operations control centre or centres. This ‘control room dashboard’ is just as customisable and drillable as any other interface of the platform allowing HQ to control the information it requires to make timely operational decisions. This empowers the client to manage its business performance and service quality from a central location or locations.