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The Poetry of Consolidated Data in Motion

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I’ve said it before:  Data is currency.  But even more valuable to any organisation, is Consolidated Real-Time Data.

In simple terms, the more disparate systems in existence, the more loopholes that expose the risk of data being compromised, misplaced or delayed.  Added to that, disjointed sets of data do not facilitate workplace efficiencies, or allow for informed decision making capabilities, especially in a crisis situation.

During Storm Eunice, millions of people around the world watched a live-streaming channel showing aircrafts attempting to land at one of the world’s busiest airports – London Heathrow. It is known to be one of the busiest airports in the world, and pre-covid (2019), the airport employed 76,000 people who managed over 80.88 Million passengers and 475,861 flight movements.  That equates to an average of 221,589 passengers and 1,303 flights per day, or 154 passengers and 0.9 flights every 60 seconds.

Essential to the safety of every aircraft, employee, passengers and everyone in the surrounding areas, it requires Air Traffic Controllers to have consolidated sets of real-time data in order to drive immediate and informed decisions with absolute precision.  Planes cannot be given instructions to take off without visibility and accurate, updated information of planes in the surrounding areas, variable altitudes, or coming in to land.  Added to that, they need to refer to real-time information on weather conditions, wind speeds, and a whole lot more in order to safely orchestrate and execute such a vital role. 

Real-time information also has to be fed to ground crew, luggage handlers and terminal staff to manage the logistics around passenger and cargo arrivals and departures.  It is an intricate web of numerous moving parts that require precision, perfect timing, and leaves no room for error and miscommunication.  This real-time data motion is what allows for streamlined processes that maximise efficiencies; and what enables them to successfully grow and manage such high volumes. 

At Affectli, we eat, breathe and sleep our OPZ philosophy because data is ultimately the lifeblood of any organisation.  If structured and used correctly, it will improve efficiencies across the board, and result in a more robust, profitable and successful business.

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