AFFECTLI is a human-centric technology model that was designed to revolutionise the way businesses operate - designed to support humans in order to make them more efficient in the workplace, and in turn, give them more time with family and loved ones.


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The big question on everyone’s lips at the moment: 

Does your business continuity plan make provision for remote working capability?

In the face of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic and with many countries declaring a State of Emergency, now, more than ever, it demonstrates the importance of building remote working capabilities into business continuity plans.

Critical to this transition is identifying a proven management system that allows you to work from anywhere and on any device.  It’s essential that you digitise your IP and enable your business ecosystem community the ability to work more effectively and efficiently in order to help your business survive the economic downturn that is inevitable.

For companies that intend fast-tracking towards digital transformation of their business to Smart Workspace principles, consideration needs to be given to the platforms used to consolidate the various operational requirements of their business, and key to that is identifying a platform that can contextualise collaboration, offer superior process compliance, while at the same time, adapt behaviour that will drive digitalisation and transformation within the organisation. 

With the ever-changing digital landscape and growing demands of organisations needing to consolidate their Smart Workplaces, Mi-C3 identified a need to develop a product that could successfully integrate and manage the operational needs of businesses and set out to solve that problem… Enter AFFECTLI. 

In simple terms, what Android is to your Smartphone, AFFECTLI is to your business… It incorporates a unique combination of IoT, Big Data Analytics, Process Automation, AI and Contextual Collaboration to Digitise and Automate tasks & processes, making businesses more effective and providing a LIVE overall view of operations that creates the ultimate Smart Workplace and the added benefit of this solution is that it can be integrated into existing platforms for a more scalable, cost-effective and seamless transition.

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