AFFECTLI is a human-centric technology model that was designed to revolutionise the way businesses operate - designed to support humans in order to make them more efficient in the workplace, and in turn, give them more time with family and loved ones.


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The biggest challenges organisations face when managing remote locations is Accountability, Visibility & Security (both physical and digital).

By implementing an effective Digital Transformation solution like Affectli that is agile and scalable, as well as device and system agnostic, it provides an organisation with smart technology and connected systems that are the very foundation for business efficiency.

“When digital transformation is done right, it’s like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly.”
– George Westerman (MIT principal research scientist and author of Leading Digital: Turning Technology Into Business Transformation)

One of our clients, a Global telecommunications company with remote locations across the globe, employed our services to improve their operational efficiency and ensure that they met stringent KPI´s aligned to their SLA agreements. Essential to the success of their business was:

  1. Efficiency to take their performance to the edge and beyond.
  2. Productivity to maximise output and minimise waste.

In order to address the challenges of managing remote facilities, coupled with the objective of improving efficiency and productivity, we collaborated with our client to put the framework in place that included:

  • Integrating their existing systems,
  • Connecting their IoT Endpoints,
  • Generating Digital Twins applying semantic ontologies,
  • Digitising their business processes and
  • Customising reporting tools.

The result of which is that the client was able to cut costs significantly by meeting their SLA KPIs, rid their organisation of over 14 million emails a year, reduce their MTTR from 4 hours to 2 hours within 6 months, and produced a more efficient NOC.

They were able to achieve these milestones by implementing an effective Digital Transformation strategy as follows:

  • The Entities & Asset Management feature is used to create profiles for everything within their organisation including their people, assets, clients, vendors and tenants. With the ability to create parent-child relationships through the Classifications Manager, they are able to customise setting permissions and effectively control access to information.
  • With Digital Information being key to their efficiency, the Affectli Designer provides them the tools to expand functionality by building their own apps and designing custom processes, workflows, pipelines and forms with a simple drag and drop functionality that allows them to create business processes ranging from business management, problem management, preventative management and service delivery to ensure that the right people get the right information at the right time.
  • The situational awareness feature allows the client to visually track their entities, assets and people within a single map interface using GIS and geo-reporting tools – a functionality that gives them an eagle eye over their entire operation and assets.
  • The Digital Twin is a schematic visualisation of any entity or group of entities within the system. The graphical representation is drillable right down to granular detail including things like generator fuel levels, security breaches, server room temperature controls, maintenance schedules, etc. With this information at hand, the client is able to trigger a task and dispatch the right teams at the right time, resulting in less down-time and an improved MTTR from 4 to 2 hours within the first 6 months.
  • From the cutting edge Mi-Stream Integration engine that processes data feeds from a myriad of disparate sources and millions of sensors in the field, Affectli has the ability to collate and assimilate that information, then triggers actions and alarms – including data that is augmented by AI, which is then pushed through to the Events Monitor that provides real-time data that can be filtered according to their preferred view or business objectives. By simply clicking on a record, the Mi-Stream provides a full contextual history relating to that particular task/incident including people, documentation, status, action taken, severity level, to name but a few.
  • The creation of a contextual, collaborative smart workspace rid the company of more that 14 million emails in one year through orchestrating all incoming activities and tasks within a clear interface called the A-Box. It changed the way the organisation operates by giving them the tools for contextual collaboration that allows them to create, receive and follow digital processes while housing all relevant communication and documentation within each task or activity that is created.
  • The Dashboard view for the user creates their optimum working space with personalised widgets. This allows for efficient task and incident management.
  • With the Analytics feature, the client is able to generate an infinite amount of meaningful reports and graphs to analyse production, data and operations. Their reports have been customised to provide real-time information to ensure effective management within the organisation, with the added benefit of being able to toggle and filter displayed information specific to KPIs that can be pivoted and viewed hourly, daily and weekly. For example, sunburst reports represent and allow the user to pivot data in real time, stratified by region, as well as provide layers of data that can be filtered by parameters. Trending graphs reflect real-time performance, and guide their Root Cause Analysis. To build their Annual Report, it’s as simple as a BI interface tool that allows you to drag and drop any graph or parameter to create the report.

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