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AFFECTLI is an agnostic, trusted, powerful toolbox that has the ability to deliver significant value & cost savings to clients.

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Improve operational productivity, reduce risk and increase innovation with a centralised business operations management platform.

AFFECTLI is a trusted, secure platform that will consolidate all your disparate systems and data streams, providing meaningful real-time data to drive informed decision making, while your teams work together in one secure, collaborative and cohesive workspace.

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You don’t need to be an organisation to sign up for your free account of AFFECTLI. “Why would I want to use AFFECTLI” you may ask? Here’s why. You can become an expert. Design business processes or reports using the DESIGNER tool, and sell them on our marketplace. Not only do you benefit from your expertise, but businesses are able to purchase a ready made solution, saving them time and money.


With low churn and high customer stickiness of our flagship product, AFFECTLI is the ideal solution for companies looking to expand their offering and grow through new business vertical opportunities.

AFFECTLI is a compliant, trusted Business Operating Solution that is suitable for ANY organisation looking to improve risk management, increase innovation, and make meaningful data-driven decisions.

Our dedicated Business Development team adopts a hands on approach to working with our Partners to disseminate AFFECTLI within their network, and tailor a solution using our toolbox that has been successfully proven at scale geographically; as well as within a number of complex industries and challenging operational environments.

“We are proud to be associated with a leading world class digital and IoT platform that is functionally rich and very flexible. The team from Mi-C3 which includes the exco, are very knowledgeable and very hands on in all our engagements with them. They have been supportive in our client engagements and always available. It’s been a pleasure dealing with a professional team that adds value in our engagement.”

– Indiran Pillay: Director of Redbridge Management Services (Pty) Ltd –


Founded in 1976, CGI is among the largest IT and business consulting services firms in the world. CGI is insights-driven and outcomes-based to help accelerate returns on your investments. As a business and IT services partner, CGI helps you achieve the right balance in adapting to new demands and accelerating your digital transformation. CGI Germany | CGI Australia


DataGr8 is a South African-based company that provides services to customers across Africa. At DataGr8, data is in our name. We started with Email and File Data Archiving in 2009, then moved into unstructured and SAP migration. We have taken our focus on data and looked at the future of data and transformed DataGr8 into a company that provides technology and services, looking at the future but not forgetting that traditional data is still around. We believe that the future is Cloud and 4IR. Today DataGr8 offers services to store, backup, secure, migrate and orchestrate data, whether it comes from IT or IoT. At DataGr8, we understand that the size of your business doesn't determine the importance of data security and backup. Even small businesses may face challenges in getting the required IT support for these crucial tasks. That's why we offer backup and cyber security solutions through our E-commerce platform. We take pride in helping organizations of all sizes to secure and back up their valuable data, without compromising on quality or affordability.


Envision provides a total solution for achieving net zero. Our solution spans clean energy generation, energy storage systems, EV batteries, and software systems that can orchestrate energy systems on a global scale. Envision Group is a world-leading green technology company and net-zero technology partner. With the mission of ‘solving the challenges for a sustainable future', Envision continues to promote wind and solar as the ‘new coal’, batteries and hydrogen fuels as the ‘new oil’, the AIoT network as the ‘new grid’, net zero industrial parks as the ‘new infrastructure’ and an ecosystem of net zero technology as the ‘new industry’, to create a net zero world.


As a proudly South African business, EOH is committed to sustainable transformation, making a positive, meaningful contribution to society and is a Level 1 Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (‘B-BBEE’) contributor. EOH is one of Africa’s leading technology services providers covering the entire information and communication technology (‘ICT’) value chain including offerings in: IT-managed services, security, automation, cloud solutions, data and development capabilities, proprietary IT product resales, IT consulting and implementation services. The Group’s geographic footprint extends across Africa, UK, Europe and the Middle East. The Group continues to be a market leader in its core ICT business, which operates under the iOCO business and is an integral technology partner to a diversified client base of ~5 000 clients, including a number of leading JSE-listed, blue-chip companies, as well as key metros and government departments.


Founded in 2012, Hynex Technologies Limited is an established privately owned company incorporated in Zambia. We provide IT Products, Solutions, and Services to small and medium-sized businesses, government institutions, and residential clients. We give utmost importance to the needs of our customers and tirelessly work to deliver quality products and excellent services. We focus on efficiency, think and act with our customers in mind, and offer them prompt and excellent lead times. We have over 10 years of experience and proven expertise in providing IT products and services to various enterprises and industries.


Kumoco was founded in 2013 by Paul O’Shea and Terry Benge to change and disrupt the way technology is delivered. The word Kumoco, is Japanese for Cloud Company. Kumoco is a cloud management company dedicated to excellence in helping clients reach their business goals through the ‘plug and play’ adoption of AI-powered cloud technology. Not only will the team help you create the right strategy to transform your organisation to an Agile way of working – and help you implement it, but also offer a systems integration solution of Affectli.


The idea of a well-designed, top-quality and high-performance Video Management Software, brought to customers at the competitive prices, was first developed in 2004 by the finest international team of computer engineers. That is how Luxriot® started. Luxriot VMS, Video Management software, in an uncompromising pursuit of both superior value for money and an outstanding service experience for our customers. Grown from this conviction, Luxriot moves from market to market, currently selling in 196 countries and having installed our software for the projects all over the globe.


MTN, Africa’s largest mobile network operator that provides services to more than 289 million customers in 19 markets, has signed a 3 year contract with RedBridge Management Services to deliver Affectli to their clients. MTN recognizes the importance of digital transformation in driving growth for their clients' businesses. Through this partnership, MTN, together with RedBridge and Affectli, will be able to provide clients with access to advanced digital tools that will help them unlock value, streamline operations, reduce costs, and increase productivity.


NEC XON is committed to developing solutions that improve the way people live, work and communicate. We are committed to working with organizations that are equally dedicated to transformation through innovation. We collaborate closely with customers and partners around the world, orchestrating each project to work in harmony and stay attuned to regionally evolving needs.


RedBridge Management Services (SA) and RedBridge DTX (UK) is a customer-oriented organization focused on building its business through its strong trusted relationship platform with clients and partners. Our customer-centric approach is built on pillars of collaboration, coordination and communication. With a proven track record dating back to 2008, RedBridge is a people driven, technology enabling company, which specializes in the key areas of professional services, business-data-information-analytics. We have evolved, partly by design, and partly by market dynamics to synergize our consulting services capabilities, and solution offerings. We partner with innovative technology solution providers in our focal areas, and develop the local capabilities and expertise required, to support our customers. RedBridge is a Level 1 BEE Company.


SPICAE works with clients to identify and deliver business and performance improvement outcomes by employing proven methodologies that engage and impact at both strategic and operational level. Our services are delivered by expert consultants as we believe that the value we deliver to our clients is through the combined strength of our offering and the quality of the people (consultants) doing the work. Our consulting services include: - Operational & Performance Improvement - Organisational Review & Development - Business Review and Analysis - Change Management - Strategy Review and Alignment - Operational Due Diligence


TopicWorx is a specialist risk advisory service and platform that provides organisations across the world with an early event detection, notification and analysis service which enables informed decision making and supports business continuity management. Through intelligence, insight and enabling technology, we generate client specific foreknowledge of risk events that could have a potentially significant impact on the client's security, business, employees, operations and assets. Pivotal to our success is a centralised team of specialists. The insight and depth of experience we have gained over more than ten years proves invaluable in giving our clients the actionable operational intelligence they require to manage their risks and threats pro-actively on a day-to-day basis. We believe in establishing a commercial friendship based on social support, a strong sense of loyalty and reciprocity.