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AFFECTLI is a trusted Business Operating System that orchestrates disparate systems & data seamlessly into a single real-time overview of the organisation.

Affectli laptop
Affectli laptop

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AFFECTLI is a trusted and an incredibly versatile, intelligent, powerful Business Operating System.

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"Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful."

– John Maeda – 

We are proud to be associated with leading world class digital solution distributors that bring our product to market with expertise and passion.


A feature-packed toolbox for an effective Digital Transformation

Share and access information effectively

Timely flow of accurate and relevant information within the platform for all stakeholders and users.

Build Solutions

Use the robust design tool to build solutions to fast track and scale business operations, and experience efficiencies and seamless change management.

Integrations & Data Management

Device and Systems agnostic, AFFECTLI’s data management engine allows for seamless integrations and superior data management.

Situational Awareness

Our Situational Awareness feature is a powerful, yet simple tool to visualise multiple layers of complex information with the ease of clicking a button.

Share Solutions & Products

Use AFFECTLI as a marketplace for like minded digitally transformed experts. Buy or sell digitised solutions, or couple the AFFECTLI solutions with devices and systems.

Live data in a digital twin

A real-time digital model of assets – populated with live information – accessible within the platform – orchestrating the efficiencies of things to manage operational costs effectively.

Industry verticals

By implementing an effective Digital Transformation solution like AFFECTLI that is agile and scalable, as well as device and system agnostic, it provides an organisation with smart technology and connected systems that are the very foundation for business efficiency.

Industry Agriculture
Industry Smart Cities
industry oil & gas
industry resource management
industry communication
industry mining
Affectli for mining


Effectively manage plant production & mining operations data to increase production & manage health and safety statistics. AFFECTLI has a unique combination of fully integrated features that enables businesses to harness the power of their data and generate efficiencies which result in a rapid Return On Investment .
Industry Agriculture
Industry Smart Cities
industry oil & gas
industry resource management
industry communication
industry mining


AFFECTLI is not a rip & replace solution. It’s an agile & scalable technology that is system and device agnostic, and we have yet to find an industry or a system that cannot be integrated into our platform, or a problem that cannot be solved using AFFECTLI!

Asset Management & Monitoring

Manage and monitor your assets in real-time. With AI and machine learning functionality, enabling powerful algorithms to analyze large data sets in order to make predictions against defined goals.

Improve Production Scheduling in Manufacturing

Integrate smart production machinery for meaningful analytics to drive effective and optimised production planning.

Product vs Output Productivity

Convert measurements of labour/product/equipment output productivity for optimised production efficiency.

Visualise operational assets in live and real time

Digital Twins of assets linked to live data, delivers a real-time view of assets at the click of a button.

Workforce Management & Monitoring

Create an agile workspace that drives accountability, collaboration and a fully auditable trail for both employees and customers.

Grid Monitoring & Management (Energy)

Deliver superior energy products with the ability to control flow, predict outages and improve service delivery.