AFFECTLI is a trust multi-tenancy solution for ANY organisation looking to improve risk management, increase innovation and make meaningful data-driven decisions.

AFFECTLI is an incredibly powerful, versatile, intelligent and trusted Business Operating System toolbox that allows you to own your data, and orchestrate everything within an organisation. This Digital Transformation solution is suitable for ANY organisation looking to improve risk management, increase innovation, and make meaningful data-driven decisions.

It has been successfully proven at scale geographically; as well as within a number of complex industries and challenging operational environments. AFFECTLI is not a rip and replace solution. It is system and device agnostic, and has a unique combination of fully integrated features that enables businesses to orchestrate & harness the power of their data that generates efficiencies which result in a rapid Return On Investment.

Asset Management& Monitoring

Manage and monitor your assets in real-time. AI and Machine Learning functionality enable powerful algorithms to analyze large data sets in order to make predictions against defined goals.

Integrate and connect all your IoT devices, systems, assets and people into AFFECTLI to track, monitor and manage in real-time. Meaningful, audited data is delivered to the right people at the right time – driving informed decision making that include improved efficiencies of underutilised assets, reduced compliance risk, increased customer value, reduced losses, increased employee safety, theft prevention, predictive maintenance, regulatory compliance and cost savings.

Improve Production Scheduling in Manufacturing

Integrate smart production machinery for meaningful analytics to drive effective and optimised production planning.

With the integration of existing systems and smart product machinery, AFFECTLI drives informed decision making through an agile working environment that delivers meaningful intelligence and insights to the right people at the right time. Organisations are equipped with the ability to identify inefficiencies in floor layouts; change machinery and tools; and implement, manage and track production in real-time, all while maintaining a connected workforce; reducing unnecessary communication and optimising production, machinery and tools.

Product vs Output Productivity

Convert measurements of labour/product/equipment output productivity for optimised production efficiency.

Organisations have the ability to optimise efficiencies and orchestrate complex processes & information through the integration of existing systems and connecting all their IoT devices into AFFECTLI. This data is processed through our powerful MI-STREAM processor to deliver meaningful intelligence and real-time monitoring that includes conversions of labour-to-product-output productivity, equipment-to-product-output productivity, geological conditions, operating time and delays, and investment in equipment and purchasing of consumables.

Visualise operational assets in live and real time

Digital Twins of assets linked to live data, delivers a real-time view of assets at the click of a button.

Gartner predicts that organisations could see a 10 percent improvement in effectiveness through the adoption of Digital Twin technology. Manage assets remotely with the simple click of a button, and through the powerful MI-STREAM engine, AFFECTLI provides businesses with meaningful real-time data to improve efficiency & productivity, minimize downtime through predictive maintenance, and better understand processes and where they can be improved on.

Workforce Management & Monitoring

Create an agile workspace that drives accountability & collaboration, plus provides a fully auditable trail for both employees and customers.

Smart workspaces create collaborative, agile work environments that drive accountability, increase flexibility, reduce operational costs, increase revenue, enhance communications & innovation, and improve employee satisfaction and customer experiences. With AFFECTLI being device agnostic, employees can enjoy increased flexibility in both their work environment and schedules, giving them an improved work-life balance that results in a heightened employee engagement experience that strengthens talent recruitment and staff retention.

Grid Monitoring & Management (Energy)

Deliver superior energy products with the ability to control flow, predict outages and improve service delivery.

Produce efficiencies through the ability to deliver superior energy products, predict outages, meet service delivery, analyse energy consumption, and meet service delivery requirements with AFFECTLI. Analytics and meaningful real-time data allow organisations to identify abnormalities & recurring patterns, promote data-driven decisions that lead to operational cost & energy consumption reductions, and reduced downtime.