Platform Overview

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Business Intelligence is embedded in Affectli to supply timely information to users to make operational decisions based on real-time analysis of structured and unstructured data.

Autonomously defined dashboards give an at-a-glance view of the current state of affairs, configurable to whatever level of granularity desired by the client. Hovering over elements of a sunburst or a graph on the dashboard presents a real time summary of the hovered-over element. Clicking on a chosen elements zooms in data which is matched beneath with real time reports that can be exported in various formats (such as .csv) but which can also be drilled into with live links to ongoing processes represented by the data.

Affectli Intelligence hooks up to BI platforms of the Client’s choice that empowers the Client to access, discover and blend all types and sizes of data. With a spectrum of increasingly advanced analytics, from basic reports to predictive modeling, users can analyse and visualise data across multiple dimensions, all while minimising dependence on IT.


The Affectli Platform allows teams to communicate effectively ensuring that all exchanges of communication (electronic mail, instant messaging, internet calls) are organised along with the specific projects or tasks they are related to.

This replaces the inefficiencies of conventional email, providing in the A-Box a clear trail of ongoing activities that is sorted by the relevance of messages and communications to the function and objective they mean to reach.


The Client is equipped with an API (Application Programming Interface) and an SDK (Software Development Kit) in order to self-start and complete processes without needing to resort to development time and cost.
Changes made to any workflows are reflected immediately throughout the Affectli instance.


Affectli uses Mi-C3’s Mi-Stream which is capable of collecting protocol data units from various protocols running on corresponding interfaces from multi-technology and multi-vendor networks using passive probes. It is also capable of collecting data from different planes on a remote or network management system.

The Affectli Platform allows any third party platforms or systems to integrate fully and seamlessly resulting in a single and seamless view of operations no matter where that information originates.

The Affectli Mi-Stream connector is a component used in cases where the devices that generate data and require a secure communication channel. It then collects data/signals from devices available on the network, then encrypts and forwards the data to the Affectli Mi-Stream Processing cluster. The Affectli Mi-Stream connector can collect data using a vast number (over 200) of protocols. In addition, protocols that are not supported out-of-the -box can be implemented as custom implementations.


The Affectli Mi-Stream Processing Cluster normalises and transforms incoming data/signals so that it can be further processed through a rules engine. The rules engine can consist of a simple rule set or can use advanced machine learning and AI algorithms, depending on customer requirements, to generate events that are then consumed by the Affectli platform.

The Affectli Mi-Stream connection and Processing cluster can easily be configured with minimal to zero programming being required.


The maps module of the platform delivers perception of environmental elements and events/processes with respect to time or space, the comprehension of their meaning and the projection of their future status. Maps is recognised as a critical, yet often elusive foundation for successful decision-making across a broad range of situations.