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Out Of The Box TowerCo

A complete end-to-end solution for TowerCos

KumocoNeocom & TagNGo have partnered with Affectli to deliver an Out Of The Box TowerCo solution, incorporating best practice suite of applications & services to accelerate growth and maximise revenue.

Through our proud partnership, we work closely with our clients to deliver a world-class service and carefully architected solution for our Customers.

Connect with us on the TowerXchange APP or visit our stand at TowerXchange London to learn more about our proven solution.

About Affectli

Affectli is an award-winning Semantic Ontology software solution and flagship product of Mi-C3 International that is designed to improve efficiencies across the entire value chain of any organisation.

“What Android & iOS is to your smartphone, Affectli is to your business…”   

~  CEO & Founder, Glen Scott 

Our disruptive, trusted software solution is a powerful Business Operating System that allows organisations to realise their full potential.  Not only does Affectli allow you to take full control and ownership of your data, we give you the ability to orchestrate everything across your organisation through a single pane of glass that supports informed decision making through Situational & Actionable intelligence using real-time data. 

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Improve efficiencies
  • Increase profits
  • Build long-term sustainable growth

Affectli is a modular solution that is agile and has proven success at scale in monitoring and processing real-time data from millions of endpoints, as well as orchestrate operational efficiencies across thousands of sites for some of the largest TowerCo companies in Africa and throughout Europe.

We digitise workflow processes and future proof your organisation with apps that are infinitely scalable, agile and customisable to meet your exacting operational requirements.  Choose from a selection of Out The Box (OTB) apps or develop your own.  

The Affectli OTB for TowerCo solution suite includes accelerators specific to your industry, with Modules that include:

Site Acquisition
  • Web Customer Portal Suite
  • Site Permitting and Acquisition
  • Lease Management: Landlord & Customer
Asset Management
  • Site Audits
  • Tower Audits
  • Energy Management/Optimisation
PMO & Rollout
  • Site Build Management
  • Site Equipment Upgrades 
  • Colocation
  • NOC Incident Management
  • Site Access
  • Site Key Management
  • 2D Digital Twins Modelling
  • 3D Digital Twins using Drones
  • Billing for Customer & Vendor 
  • Planning of Site Operations Function
  • Operations Field Functions

TowerCo Proven Success

Proven at scale

Grown from 11,000 sites (2016) 
to over
30,000 sites (2023).

Monitoring 850,000+ endpoints & ingesting approx
1.6 million records per hour.

Company listed on NYSE
October 2021 (USD) $8 Billion Market Cap.
Reduction in SLA
Sub-Second MTTD 
Issue Detection
ROI within 1st year
ave. system availability
31 million
reduced emails monthly
Customer Asset Management & Customer Billing
Site Access 

Meet our TowerXchange Gold Sponsor Partners

Kumoco was founded in 2013 by Paul O’Shea and Terry Benge to change and disrupt the way technology is delivered. The word Kumoco, is Japanese for Cloud Company.
Kumoco is a cloud management company dedicated to excellence in helping clients reach their business goals through the ‘plug and play’ adoption of AI-powered cloud technology.
Not only will the team help you create the right strategy to transform your organisation to an Agile way of working – and help you implement it, but also offer a systems integration solution of Affectli.

Our Vision is to be the supply company of choice for the African market, while making it our mission to supply cost-effective and innovative solutions to our clients.
Telecommunication companies face several challenges with securing their assets. One of the main challenges is the financial loss caused by the theft of diesel which can be costly to replace.
Neocom Solutions FMS is a comprehensive fuel management system installed into new or existing non-commercial fuel storage or dispensing systems. Suitable for use on static tanks and mobile bowsers to monitor and control both fuel receipts and various site dispensing with live residual tank levels displayed after each event both on the controller and the web portal, all viewable from any mobile device or computer.

Tag N Go are suppliers and distributors of market-leading on the edge hardware solutions for any industry where speed, quality and efficiencies matter.

Our products undergo extensive penetration testing, authentication encryption and endpoint security to ensure products of the highest quality, standards and reliability.