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Affectli for mining


One of the world’s Largest Gold Mining companies began Commercial Production in 2006 in a remote region of Africa. The site includes operating both surface and underground mines.

The Challenge

Added to the challenges of managing such a remote location, our client was looking to consolidate critical information to drive informed decision making, mitigate risk and improve labour & equipment efficiencies.

The Solution

Provide the client with the ability to:


AFFECTLI was overlaid onto the existing infrastructure without any downtime, and consolidated into a single control room.

The integration included various subsystems such as conveyor belt weightometers, plant SCADA, drone technology, weighbridge, and geo-fencing that work in conjunction with CCTV live feeds and vehicle tracking devices.  The powerful MI-STREAM processor then ingests all the data from these multiple points, which is then transformed into meaningful, contextual data that is viewed on a single dashboard in real-time.

The multiple live CCTV feeds are folded into the GIS infrastructure of the AFFECTLI system, allowing the control room to view remotely, as well as locate assets on maps.  Through an ontological approach, these assets can then be drilled down into granular detail that includes the likes of blueprints and technical drawings – all with the ease of clicking a button.  

More information on AFFECTLI’s features and capabilities, available here.